Clarifying stance on events

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I will gladly photograph your class reunion, the only stipulation is if there are less than 20 (in the group) then an 8x10 must be paid ahead of time.  More than 20 then 75% must order and pay ahead of time.  The reason is, traveling to professionally photograph a class reunion or other type even only to end up with 0 to 4 or 5 orders doesn't even pay for my expenses.  I cannot afford to travel and photograph for free so payment must be collected and given to me when I arrive.  This also goes for teams, etc. An 8x10 for everyone must be paid for in advance, then they can order what they want from my website; at the moment an 8x10 is $10.00 to be collected.

This has to be because of the numerous events where 0 orders are placed which made me doing the session for free. Those days are gone, this is my living and my pay check.