Retainers for headshots/pageants and other events

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The situaton of being hired and then near the event, me being told they no longer can afford to hire me, etc have indicated to me that I now have to collect a retainer for any headshot/portrait, pageant and any other event. This is to ensure that you are serious about hiring me and committing to it, also providing me a committment that I have the job and I can forego any other bookings for that day.


Too many instances of being told I am hired and that making me not book any more jobs only to be canceled on and me not being able to fill the date at the last moment has caused this action I have to take and I hope you understand.  The last time, I was told I was hired to be a photographer for a certain pageant only to be told by another pageant member they cannot get the money so I was canceled on when I inquired about the times of the pageant - causing me to to be unable to book a wedding on that day because I believed I was busy on that day on the pageant.  That is why I have to take this action.