Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The Pricing for our services starting out this year are for weddings are:


Up to 8 hours coverage: dvd of all edited images with release and a 10x10 hardbound albu of the wedding - $1400.00

Up to 8 hours coverage: dvd of all edited images with release:                                                    $1100.00


10x10 10 page spread hardbound album $300.00

10x10 5 page spread hardbound album $150.00

5x5     10 page spread hardbound album $125.00

5x5       5 page spread hardbound album $100.00


You have to see and feel the album in person to appreciate the quality and look of such a keepsake of your wedding, this is not something

you can buy in stores.


If you contract with me to do your wedding then the bridals are free.

I only shoot indoor weddings now unless you are having a wedding at Ransom Hollows, I will shoot there if your wedding is outdoors.

Headshots are $150.00 per session with cd and you will receive up to 10 headshot pictures on a cd.  Contact me for any other location pricing. 

Bridals - a bride in her dress - is $120.00 and you must purchase the pictures you want to preserve the professional look by being printed by a professional printer.

For graduating seniors! Tell me, what senior could get 2 photographers for their graduation portraits? YOU can.  For $250 you can get 2 photographers with two different shooting styles for coverage you cannot get anywhere else.


Any other event contact me with your details for cost.